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Chewbacabra Atlas Magnusson

Bleat and Teats Mr. Valentino

Sagebrooke Orion F2

Barnhardt Farms Phoenix Osiris F1

Raven's Haven Mojito

Sweet Song Farms Oh Atlanta

On Holiday HMTM Polynesia

Native Fare Farms Sierra Nevada

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Barnhardt Farms Sirius Trouble F1

Our Farm

  My lifelong love of animals culminated into my dream of Barnhardt Farms in 2011.   I have always admired the La Mancha goat, with it's sweet disposition, and am thrilled to help create a smaller version.  The mini-La mancha does not require as much space, can be a pet and lend to self sustainability.  Our herd tested negative for CAE: Johnnes: and CL in December 2016.  All of our goats are up to date with the CD and T vaccine.  All of our La Manchas and Nigerians are registered with paperwork on the farm premises.  We should have some kids for sale in spring 2018. Keep checking our website as we also have Buff Orpington chickens and eggs for sale from time to time.

                           Thank you,

                            Dr. Robin Barnhardt

Barnhardt Farms Maui Sunset F1